Middle-aged people are being urged to walk faster to help stay healthy.

6 million middle-aged people in England are risking their health through inactivity according to experts.

It is recommended that people do 150 minutes of activity a week but nearly half of those aged 40 to 60 fail to achieve that. One in five in that age group does less than 30 minutes activity a week. Lack of exercise increases the risk of prematurely developing serious health conditions including heart disease, dementia and cancer.

Officials at Public Health England (PHE) said activity levels tail off from the age of 40.

Walk faster to stay well

To improve health and stay well people between the ages of 40 and 60 are being urged to start doing regular brisk walks. Experts say brisk walking 10 minutes a day has an impact and reduces the risk of early death by 15%. A brisk walk is defined as at least 3mph that increases your heart rate and leaves you breathing faster.

PHE estimates 4 out of every 10 middle-aged people take a brisk ten minute walk less than once a month.

Just walking to the shops instead of driving or going for a brisk stroll on your lunch break each day can add many healthy years to your life.

Activity app

While a daily 10 minute brisk walk will not achieve the recommended level of 150 minutes activity it does make a difference. High blood pressure, diabetes and depression are all shown to improve with even low level activity. It is also beneficial to anxiety and problems such as lower back pain.

To help you get moving there a free app, Active 10, which can monitor the amount of brisk walking done. It also provides tips on how to become more active as part of your daily routine. You can find more details and download the app here: http://bit.ly/2w7yJBs


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