Educational Play Equipment

Transforming Education Through Outdoor Playground Equipment

Welcome to Pennine Playgrounds, where schools and nurseries trust us to design and install exceptional outdoor playground equipment and inspiring learning environments. Since 1998, we have transformed over 10,000 playground settings, fostering learning and development through play.

Unlocking Learning Potential

Our school playground designs are the culmination of extensive consultations with teachers and educational experts. We incorporate their innovative outdoor play area design ideas, resulting in outstanding learning spaces. At Pennine Playgrounds, our experienced playground consultants excel at translating your visions into exciting playground designs, bringing your outdoor learning environment to life with educational play equipment tailored to your unique setting.

Diverse Offerings for All Ages and Abilities

Our school playground equipment caters to diverse age groups and abilities, ensuring inclusivity at every level. From Nursery and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, and Special Educational Needs (SEN), we have carefully designed playgrounds to meet the unique requirements of each group.

Creating Stimulating Challenges for Holistic Development

Our playground designs incorporate a range of imaginative and stimulating challenges, supporting learning guidelines and the national curriculum. By encouraging physical, social, and emotional development through interaction and exploration, our school playground equipment fosters a well-rounded growth environment.

Educational Play Equipment

Explore our extensive range of school playground equipment solutions that cater to every need:

  • Climbing frames with monkey bars
  • Trim trails
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • MUGAs and sport pitches
  • Nursery equipment
  • SEN equipment
  • Playground surfacing
  • Playground markings
  • Outdoor school furniture
  • Child-accessible storage
  • Sensory play equipment
  • Waterplay equipment
  • Forest school equipment

Discover how our playground equipment caters to different age groups:

Educational Play Equipment

Early Years Playground Equipment

Our Early Years Playground Equipment is thoughtfully designed to meet the standards of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) while providing a nurturing environment for young learners. Through inclusive and stimulating play, children can develop essential skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity. Explore our range of educational outdoor play equipment tailored to the unique needs of early years children, inspiring growth and learning through play.

Educational Play Equipment

Play Equipment for KS1 & KS2

As children progress from Early Years to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, their playground experiences should adapt to support their ongoing development. Our Play Equipment for KS1 and KS2 is crafted to ensure a seamless transition, providing challenges and opportunities for physical, social, and emotional growth. From exciting climbing structures to multi-use games areas and inviting social spaces, our playground designs encourage holistic development in young learners.

Educational Play Equipment

Play Equipment for Secondary Schools

Secondary school years mark a crucial phase in students’ lives, requiring playgrounds that cater to their evolving needs. Our Playground Equipment for Secondary Schools is specifically designed to help students in KS3 and above develop physical, emotional, and social capabilities as they mature. With a diverse range of outdoor play equipment, including fitness areas and tailored challenges, we create dynamic environments that inspire learning and personal growth.

Educational Play Equipment

Play Equipment for SEN Schools

At Pennine Playgrounds, we recognise the unique requirements of disabled children and learners with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our Playground Equipment for SEN Schools is inclusive, offering outdoor play area designs that cater to a wide range of physical, social, and emotional needs. We take pride in creating safe and stimulating playgrounds that promote multi-sensory engagement and positive mental and physical wellbeing for all learners.


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