Today’s headline news paints a grim picture for junior aged children

Did you know that the World Health Organisation recommends that every child should take part in at least 60 minutes of exercise per day?.  The daily mile, designed by teachers is proving to be a simple and effective solution in working towards this 60 minute target.  The fact that children are continuing to engage with the activity shows its success.

Improving fitness and healthy weight

A study carried out by “The Conversation” compared 2 schools, 1 who had introduced the Daily Mile over a year and the other who didn’t.  All the children, aged between 4 and 12 had an initial fitness test at the beginning of the study using various methods such as the bleep test, body fat, physical levels and sedentary time.

Encouragingly, the children who took part in the Daily Mile saw measurable health improvements in all areas.

How to create a Daily Mile

A Daily Mile is a simple track created from linemarkings or a rubber mulch track laid onto grass.  For a more sophisticated look, a coloured running track can be obtained. The tracks are cost effective and can be designed to any budget with no training necessary.


“Almost 60% more children in their last year of primary school are classified as “severely obese” than in their first year”.  According to Public Health England figures for England and Wales.

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