Regular exercise is extremely important for your physical wellbeing and has positive effects on your mental health.  Studies have shown that this is partly down to the release of endorphins, which allow us to experience positive feelings and can also boost our self esteem and reduce symptoms of depression.

Mental focus

It is not  how much you do that’s important but also the type. Bouldering (a sport allowing you to move from different heights without ropes) is better than general exercise.  These types of sports require complete focus to prevent you from falling therefore, less time is spent thinking about your problems.

Laughter has the chuckle factor

If sports aren’t your thing, or you find it too difficult, then why not try laughter therapy as an effective alternative. Like sports, laughter also releases endorphins.  Not only can it lift your mood, but the physical exertion that comes with it can replicate the benefits of a light workout.

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