The complexity and range of disabilities within our Special Needs Schools varies from school to school.  Our SEN Projects Specialist will work alongside and consult with each member of the School’s teaching team to discuss their own particular objectives and desires for their children’s outdoor play and learning environment.  Investing significant time at this planning and consultation stage is a vital part of our service and will ensure that the new play area designs and play equipment really do meet the needs of the children.

Bespoke play equipment tailored for each child’s needs

The majority of our SEN outdoor play equipment is bespoke and make to order, allowing us the freedom and expertise to modify or alter pieces to suit the very specific and special needs of our customers.  Our play area designs encompass natural landscaping and multi-sensory features as well as these specially tailored items of SEN play equipment.

A design process that will evolve

With every child’s needs so very different, we will be led by our customers in terms of what exactly they are looking to achieve in their new outdoor learning environment.  Whether it’s to improve mobility or encourage positive behaviour and build confidence, or perhaps the key objectives for the children may be to introduce new risks and challenges… we will take an empathetic approach in our design process.

Pennine People Who Really Care

Our in-house, fully trained and professional installation teams understand very well how to work alongside a working school environment, delivering new play areas with minimal disruption to the children.  That said, there will be occasions when we will need to work outside of the school day to prevent unsettling or disturbing the children – perhaps when we have a particularly noisy process of the installation phase –  and we always go the extra mile, working weekends, holidays or after hours to fulfil our commitment to our customers and their children.