This week there has been a call to bring the risk back into play with a publication in the New York Times referencing this growing movement in the UK.  There’s a clear balance to be made between protecting our kids from harm vs allowing them to learn through risk taking.

Encouraging development and growth

Barbara J. King, a leading anthropology professor in the US believes that integrating limited risk into our children’s playtimes may actually promote healthier child development.  She suggests that we should build resilience and grit into our children’s experiences rather than wrapping them in cotton wool.

Managing risk through play

It’s pertinent to reference the Princess Diana Playground in Kensington Park where signage reads “intentionally provided, so that your child can develop an appreciation of risk in a controlled play environment rather than taking similar risks in an uncontrolled and unregulated wider world.”  We wholly support this initiative and look forward to our children’s wider emotional skills developing as a result.

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