Children enjoy playing with each other on playgrounds but too often those with disabilities must sit on the sidelines due to a lack of suitable equipment. We believe that all children should have access to active play regardless of their needs or abilities.

When playgrounds are inclusive there are obvious benefits for disabled children. However, inclusive playgrounds benefit all playground users and the community as a whole.

What is inclusive play?

Inclusive play means all children have the same opportunities regardless of their ability, gender or age. At Pennine we strongly feel the chance to explore, discover and achieve should not be restricted based on physical or mental ability.

Benefits of inclusive playgrounds

Social interaction is an important advantage of an inclusive playground. Sadly, too many children with disabilities spend a great deal of their free time alone or away from other children. With inclusive playgrounds, children of all abilities mix socially. This boosts confidence while also developing physical skills and abilities.

Another advantage of inclusive playgrounds is that they promote active play. This helps build decision making and problem solving skills. Children also develop social and communication skills, in addition to the physical benefits of exercise.

How inclusive play helps communities

When disabled children have access to inclusive playgrounds it benefits all children. It teaches them that all people have similarities and differences. Kids learn the importance of accepting people who are not like them. Children become more sensitive and aware of the needs of their peers and others around them.

Inclusive playgrounds foster friendships and improve community cohesion. It is a shame that so many playgrounds still lack accessible equipment when the benefits are so far reaching.

If you are considering a playground project for a school, park or building development please build an inclusive playground. They are great for everyone!

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