Now that summer is here it’s a great time to exercise outdoors. Whether you already work out regularly or want to start keeping fit, why train in a gym when there are so many benefits to getting fit in the fresh air?

Feel good in the fresh air

There is a clear connection between spending time outdoors and lowered stress levels. Futhermore, fresh air help the brain release serotonin, the feel-good chemical, due to increased oxygen levels so outdoor training not only keeps you fit but improves your mood. According to experts 20 minutes exercise outdoors is equivalent to drinking a cup of coffee for energy boosting effects. What’s not to like?

Take in the scenery

Another great benefit to exercising outside is the changing scenery. No matter how much you enjoy watching music videos working out in the gym can get boring. Running or cycling through different scenery means you are more likely to exercise for longer as you are less likely to get bored.

Burn more calories

Cycling and running outside are also better for you than using an exercise bike or treadmill. Wind resistance means that you often burn more calories than doing the same exercise indoors. Uneven ground and slopes also make your body work harder. Basically, doing nothing different other than taking your workout outside makes it much more effective!

Save money while you train

Although it might not be immediately obvious parks are full of free ways to tone up and improve stamina. Benches can be used for sit ups or tricep dips. Hills can be used for sprinting sessions which are a great way to burn fat and tone up. Get creative and use trees as markers for interval training!

In addition to the natural options available, many parks have purpose built equipment to keep people of all ages active. Options range from adventure trails for kids to outdoor gym kit for adults. You can find some of our fabulous outdoor fitness options here:

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