Stay sane and beat boredom

Looking for low cost things to do with the kids during the Easter break? Try our boredom busters! We love spending time with our children during school holidays but it can be a struggle to keep them occupied. Here are some family friendly options to get you started.

Go Geocaching

First of all don’t be put off by the name! Geocaching is just high tech treasure hunting. It is a fun and family friendly outdoor activity using GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation. You can use a smartphone or tablet to hunt for hidden geocaches. A typical cache is a small waterproof container which holds a logbook and ‘treasure’ usually trinkets of little value or toys. Find out more here

Picnic in the Park

Children love picnics whatever the location. Local parks, family gardens and a blanket on the living room floor have all been used by members of the Pennine team. Get kids involved with everything from writing the shopping list to making food. You will be surprised how much time it takes up and how much fun it can be!

Make time for a Museum

We have a wide range of free museums to visit in the UK. Some are large and well known but there are many smaller hidden gems to discover too. The range of options is huge from art and sculpture to science and media. Many museums include interactive exhibitions from dressing up to performing experiments to get everyone involved. Look online to see what options there are in your area.

Nature Walk

There are many different nature walks to suit all ages and abilities from minibeast hunts in the local park to treks in National Parks. Best of all they are free ways to get some exercise and spend some time together outdoors. For minibeast hunt info and activity sheet click here: Find family friendly walks in National Parks across the UK here:

Den Building

Dens are great fun, free of charge and don’t depend on the weather. In addition, you don’t need more than a sheet and a couple of chairs to make a shelter either inside or outdoors. The structure can be anything from a castle to a cave or a witch’s cottage depending on what the children want it to be. The biggest problem may be persuading them to leave the den at bed time…

Find lots more things to do and places to visit using the links below.



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