A pioneering physical education provider is helping schoolchildren to achieve top marks in their academic studies, new research has revealed.

Data from schools across the country showed that active primary school youngsters who’d had PE lessons from Sunderland-based Physical Education & Active Kids (PEAK) had attained excellent marks in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Ninety-three per cent of children who had been on a PEAK learning programme had improved their arithmetic, punctuation and grammar. Of the pupils who hadn’t been on the programme, only 66% had improved in these areas. More than four fifths of PEAK-taught children boosted their reading (81%) and writing (87%) skills – a much higher achievement than their peers (66% and 74% respectively).

More than eight out of ten (83%) of teachers surveyed said most of their children were more engaged in their learning in the academic lessons following a PEAK-led PE lesson. Over one half noted that attendance was better, while 67% said most of their children were more motivated to learn in other subjects.

The company’s training has also generated an upturn behavioural performance, with 75% of teachers claiming there were fewer incidents of poor behaviour the day after their children had attended a PEAK lesson.

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