Inactivity puts 20 million at increased risk of heart disease

inactivity early death heart disease

Heart disease risk Over 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive according to a report by the British Heart Foundation. The charity warns that inactivity increases the risk of heart disease and also costs the NHS around £1.2bn each year. The report defines “inactive” as not achieving the government guidelines of 150 minutes…

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Less playing online and more playing outside

children playing outside

We need to reduce the time children spend playing games online and increase outside play instead. Everyone knows the benefit of being active but we are only just seeing the impact of too much screen time. As children have more access to virtual reality and less to outdoor play the negative effects are startling and obvious….

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Boredom busters – things to do with the kids


Stay sane and beat boredom Looking for low cost things to do with the kids during the Easter break? Try our boredom busters! We love spending time with our children during school holidays but it can be a struggle to keep them occupied. Here are some family friendly options to get you started. Go Geocaching…

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