Activity in children drops after age 7

children not exercising, video games

Activity in children falls off around 7 years of age suggests a study in The British Journal of Sports Medicine. Teenage years were long thought to be the time children go off exercise but research has found it happens much sooner. Children should get at least an hour of exercise a day. Many of the…

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Keep active to stay happy and healthy

active older adults

The benefit of staying active as we age Exercise and physical activity helps you stay energetic, healthy and independent as you get older. Many adults aged 65 and over spend 10 hours or more each day sitting or lying down. This makes them the most sedentary age group. Inactive older people pay a high price with increased rates…

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Messy play is good for kids

messy play muddy hands

Messy play is beneficial to developing immunity in children and our obsession with cleanliness is having a negative effect. Professor Brett Finlay and Dr Marie-Claire Arrieta insist there is undeniable evidence that early exposure to microbes is beneficial to children. The scientists wrote a book, Let Them Eat Dirt, to explain their conviction. Modern living is…

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Sugar tax brings £415m boost for school sports

Schools in England will get £415m for sports and healthy eating from sugar tax in 2018-19 The soft drinks industry levy, commonly called the sugar tax, is to be used to promote healthier lifestyles. It was announced in last year’s budget and government forecasts expect it to raise a total of £520m in 2018-19. All…

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Benefit of exercise for children

exercise benefit schildren

Exercise and physical activity at a young age benefit brain development and long-term health according to a study by a panel of 24 academics. The latest evidence shows that anything from walking to organised sport or simply playing outdoors is good for a child’s physical and mental development. Physical activity benefits brain and body According…

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