Exercising Four Hours After Learning May Boost Memory


Intensive physical exercise four hours after learning is the key to remembering information learnt, say Dutch researchers. Exercise is known to release proteins that can boost the part of the brain related to memory, and this study suggests the timing of it is crucial. The study, in Current Biology, tested 72 people on their memory…

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We’re Expanding! We Have Three Exciting Opportunities Available


Part Time Office Administrator – 4 or 5 mornings per week We’re looking for a proactive individual to join Team Pennine. This position is particularly suited to a self-starter with a positive output of work, who enjoys working on their own initiative and has a flexible outlook. It’s a varied role requiring an accurate eye…

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Future Technology May Make Kids More Active


A new report “The Future Of Play” from Futurizon says that advances in technology over the next decade will encourage kids to be more active. The author of the report, Dr Ian Pearson predicts that new gadgets such as activity-tracking jewellery and drones that can play ‘hide and seek’ or shoot jets of water, will…

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Reduction In Outdoor Play Leads To Rise In Short-Sightedness


Scientists have found that more time spent outside, where the eyes are constantly adjusting from objects which are close up and those which are further away, could help reverse the effect. Marguerite Hunter Blair, chief executive of Play Scotland, said modern children spend less time looking at the horizon than youngsters of previous generations. “The…

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Enjoy The Sun Safely This Summer


With the great British summer on its way, here are a few tips to keep safe in the sun. Make sure your little ones are wearing t-shirts and wide-brimmed hats when out in strong sun and cover any exposed areas with sunscreen. Cancer Research UK recommend at least factor 15 sunscreen with four or more…

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Forestry Commission Survey Reveals Favourite Ways To Play


A recent survey by the Forestry Commission found that 84 percent of 1,300 parents said their under 10 year olds preferred to play outdoors over using games consoles, tablets or watching TV. According to 76 percent of parents asked, traditional outdoor past-times are still important and play a major part in their children’s experiences and 88…

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