Active Kids Are Best In Class


A pioneering physical education provider is helping schoolchildren to achieve top marks in their academic studies, new research has revealed. Data from schools across the country showed that active primary school youngsters who’d had PE lessons from Sunderland-based Physical Education & Active Kids (PEAK) had attained excellent marks in reading, writing and arithmetic. Ninety-three per…

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Children’s Physical Activity Across The Seasons


In the UK, children’s physical activity shows seasonal variation. Activity levels are lower in autumn and winter, with more pronounced variation at the weekend, and in boys. Day length and weather conditions are the likely drivers of these patterns, but the effects vary by age. Although we cannot change the weather or hours of light,…

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Metallic Content Of Paints


Although the risks are very low with our type of products, we recommend the following: • Surfaces should be monitored by the client/maintenance packages for condition e.g. flaking and cracking paint • Paint in poor condition should be carefully removed and structures stabilised and repainted with appropriate paint, subject to appropriate standards • Awareness of…

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Five Reasons You Should Take Your Class Outside


Education guru Sir Ken Robinson has shared his thoughts on why learning outside is a good idea, leading to many benefits for learning. “What really drives education is curiosity, trying to fill gaps in our understanding,” Sir Ken says, author of Finding Your Element and other books on creativity in education. “And the world around…

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Let’s Get Muddy!


Getting muddy is not a bad thing for children – especially on International Mud Day! As parents our instinct is often to discourage our children from being too messy or getting mud on their clothes, hands and faces. But messy play is a really important activity which helps children develop lots of skills. International Mud…

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Ban On Parking Outside School Encourages Walking


A pilot scheme that began in September 2015 to ban parking outside primary schools in Edinburgh has led to an increase in the number of pupils walking to school. Evaluation of the School Streets scheme also showed lower vehicle speeds on surrounding roads and a reduction in the number of cars around schools. The Living…

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