Five Reasons You Should Take Your Class Outside


Education guru Sir Ken Robinson has shared his thoughts on why learning outside is a good idea, leading to many benefits for learning. “What really drives education is curiosity, trying to fill gaps in our understanding,” Sir Ken says, author of Finding Your Element and other books on creativity in education. “And the world around…

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Let’s Get Muddy!


Getting muddy is not a bad thing for children – especially on International Mud Day! As parents our instinct is often to discourage our children from being too messy or getting mud on their clothes, hands and faces. But messy play is a really important activity which helps children develop lots of skills. International Mud…

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Ban On Parking Outside School Encourages Walking


A pilot scheme that began in September 2015 to ban parking outside primary schools in Edinburgh has led to an increase in the number of pupils walking to school. Evaluation of the School Streets scheme also showed lower vehicle speeds on surrounding roads and a reduction in the number of cars around schools. The Living…

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Health Campaign Says Young Children Should Have Three Hours Activity Per Day


‘Every movement counts’ is the motto of a new Department of Health campaign to encourage children aged under five to be physically active for at least three hours a day. Alarming statistics show only one in 10 children aged two to four is active for the minimum recommended amount of time. The UK’s chief medical…

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50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾


In homes across the country, children rely on electronic gadgets to get them through the potential boredom of the long summer holidays. But the National Trust is urging kids to put down their gadgets and pick up a much more versatile tool – a stick. The humble stick is one of the key implements in…

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England’s Largest Outdoor Learning Project Reveals Children More Motivated To Learn When Outside


The Natural Connections Demonstration project has published new evidence on the benefits of outdoor learning to pupils, teachers and schools. Children from 125 schools across the South West of England are happier, healthier and more motivated to learn thanks to a new project commissioned by Natural England that has turned the outdoors into a classroom…

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