Is it time to bring risk back into play?

This week there has been a call to bring the risk back into play with a publication in the New York Times referencing this growing movement in the UK.  There’s a clear balance to be made between protecting our kids from harm vs allowing them to learn through risk taking. Encouraging development and growth Barbara…

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Why choose an API member?

API members are the UK’s leading providers of indoor and outdoor play facilities and surfacing. As a member we operate to the highest standards and abide by a strict professional code of conduct. Safety standards All play environments are designed to all the relevant safety standards and provide all ages with the appropriate levels of challenge…

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Physical activity is key to brain health

Regular exercise is extremely important for your physical wellbeing and has positive effects on your mental health.  Studies have shown that this is partly down to the release of endorphins, which allow us to experience positive feelings and can also boost our self esteem and reduce symptoms of depression. Mental focus It is not  how much you do…

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One week left to spend old £1 coins!

People have just one week remaining to spend their old £1 coins before businesses can refuse to accept them. From 16 October the round £1 coin will no longer be legal tender. It was replaced by a new 12-sided coin earlier this year. People can still deposit the old coins at most high street banks…

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Sleep well to stay slim and enjoy good health

One in three of us suffers from poor sleep. There are many reasons but stress, computers and taking work home are often to blame. Many of us feel grumpy or detached as a result of losing sleep. However, the cost of sleepless nights is more than just a bad mood or a lack of focus. It also…

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Walk faster to live longer

walk to stay healthy

Middle-aged people are being urged to walk faster to help stay healthy. 6 million middle-aged people in England are risking their health through inactivity according to experts. It is recommended that people do 150 minutes of activity a week but nearly half of those aged 40 to 60 fail to achieve that. One in five…

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