In safe hands…

Having invested a considerable amount of time and effort, not to mention valuable funds into your new outdoor playground, it is important to ensure that it stays in fully working order. Your play area will have been designed and installed in accordance with BSEN1176 and the next step is to ensure that it is maintained in accordance with these standards.

Our After Sales Team are available to discuss how best we can help you to ensure that your team are complying with your own responsibilities as Owner/Operator of the new outdoor play provision.

We offer various levels of help and support, from providing you with all the necessary documentation for you to manage your own maintenance regime, through to carrying out the various inspections and record keeping on your behalf. It’s a bit like servicing your car – we can offer you a simple MOT through to a full service and valet!

Here’s how it works….
The following inspections are required to conform with BSEN Standards, therefore ensuring that your guarantees and warranties offered on your outdoor playground are valid:

Visual Inspections – Usually carried out by the Owner/Operator on a weekly basis, checking for obvious hazards such as broken parts, vandalism etc.

Operational Inspections – Usually carried out every 1 to 3 months by a Competent Person, depending on the usage on your play area, checking for the stability of the kit and any operational issues.

Annual Main Inspection – Usually this Inspection is carried out by a Certified Company to check the overall level of safety of all the playground equipment, foundations, safety surfacing and the continuing compliance with the relevant parts of the BSEN1176 and BSEN1177.

Pennine offer a number of Maintenance Service Support Packages which include detailed Inspections of your playground equipment and safer surfacing along with recommended remedial actions, timescales required, risks assessed and a detailed breakdown of the costs for the necessary repairs. Our After Sales Team will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.